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Sale of the Company and the Announcement of Sale – Who to Tell, What, When and How?

After acceptance of your decision to sell the companies, you should define, who should be told before sale and who can be told after. It is a lot of owners of business carefully plan how to sell business, but not, how to inform it.
The communications preliminary plan can seem difficult, but it simply means to postpone some time, to think over, who your interested persons, along with when that and how to tell it about your hung sale. It can be the simple matrix, listing interested persons (a family, board, the leading experts serving, clients, suppliers, etc.) downwards a left-hand side. Through top, mark columns ‘ when ‘, ‘ that ‘, ‘ as ‘ and ‘ as it is frequent ‘ to grasp your actions of communications. In the big organisations it can become very difficult, but this simple matrix – the good first step. You should inform key members of a family, for example, in the beginning.
The first, that the Nobility
After the message of key members of a family one of your most difficult decisions when to tell to leading experts about approaching change in the property. You can be afraid is defensible that these solving resources will leave the company or will tell to competitors, clients, suppliers, or other employees. However, during some moment on business sale, you should tell it that happens and why.
You, probably, require these important managers and partners to prepare the information for sale, and possible buyers can wish to interview them. And, as soon as you have well informed them in, you can train them how to place the company.
You will wish to begin discussions with leading experts early in the course of sale if you offer them “the stay placed” to the award. If you have left them in the dark till last minute, they can feel that you did not consider them yours faithfully. Their indignation can appear in the undesirable ways to you and or the buyer.
In the forward end of process of sale you should include only those who should know in your communications. After sale and after you and the buyer agrees about roles of transition and time periods, All of you still should work with the new owner to develop your communications selectively.
Change is difficult and after you sell to people of the company, can continue to look at you as on the leader and the person, making decisions if All of you are still connected with business. After years as an authoritative figure you can as to refuse to throw bridles. Remember, you and your employees feel sense of loss. A premise to the place of process of transition and its message completely can do this change psychological, organizational, and the operational validity. It establishes tone and rate for change. The understanding is correct it extremely important for your successful target strategy and for the power of the new owner within firm.
I invite you to use these ideas during the trip, to sell business.

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